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It’s simple. Our insurance is designed to protect directors and attract investors - so you can make bold decisions and drive business forward.

From start-ups to publically listed businesses, Gallagher provides Directors’ and Officers’ insurance (D&O) cover for companies in the Life Science sector. Our D&O insurance could be the safety net protecting your company's future while also convincing investors that you’re prepared for the future.

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From start-ups through to major multinationals, we have D&O insurance products that protect your directors and officers, while satisfying any insurance requirements investors may have. Get products to market faster, and quickly make big decisions - backed up by D&O insurance from Gallagher. Focus on a smooth initial public offering (IPO) and company growth while D&O insurance helps keep you safe behind the scenes.

New to the sector? 

It’s a misconception to think that start-ups don’t need D&O insurance. D&O insurance gives smaller organisations the freedom to put their company first, knowing they shouldn't be held personally liable during the early stages of business. With D&O insurance, early stage companies can rapidly take products from trial to market, with reduced risk of liabilities.

Is your D&O fit for purpose?

D&O insurance can protect directors and officers in businesses further along the product development journey and safeguard decisions made by the board. Investors and shareholders are also likely to want to see evidence of adequate D&O cover so it’s an essential element of your insurance package. We secure the right cover for your business so you can focus on moving your business forward.

State of the Market video for directors & officers 

Hear from David Ritchie, Managing Director of D&O and David Briggs, Divisional Director, Life Sciences Practice at Gallagher. Learn why D&O insurance can be a critical first line of defence to safeguard personal assets including property and possessions. In this age of increased litigation with countless new rules such as health and safety regulations, intellectual property, employment and securities laws, directors must do all they can to protect themselves. 

Demonstrating Gallagher’s D&O capabilities: benchmarking report

The world is becoming more litigious, and D&O claims are no longer exclusive to large or listed firms. As insurers have become more selective about which risks they will consider - leading to a further retraction of available capacity - the renewal process has become increasingly fraught. Despite the reduction in D&O market capacity, at renewal the majority of Gallagher’s D&O clients in the Life Sciences sector either retained the same limit as 2018, or secured a higher limit.

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"Gallagher D&O insurance provides security and allows me to run my business without feeling personally liable. Having D&O also helped us bring on key advisors and just makes everyone feel a lot more secure and protected."
Laura Towart - Founder & CEO, My Personal Therapeutics, 2019

"D&O insurance was vital for our IPO and is particularly important for pharma and bio-tech companies operating in highly regulated environments. Gallagher helped us to understand the market and translate that into a risk profile for insurers, and they are really in tune with what we’re trying to achieve."
Richard Jones - CFO, Mereo Bio Pharma, 2019

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Infographic: common claims

Directors face ever-increasing pressures with litigation on the rise in the Life Sciences sector. Download the infographic to see common examples of claims against Life Sciences directors.

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